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The Weekly Bite – Monday 21st February, 2022 —Issue 2452

Hi All

Brian feasted on a huge mud crab last week and he actually caught it himself in the mangroves in front of our Lamb Island home! And how it happened was unplanned and all because we had our new island bench top installed by an amazingly helpful tradesman.

Brian aided this tradesman lift and install the big slab and when it was finished the tradesman had some time to wait for the vehicular ferry back to the mainland. He spied some crab pots under the house and asked Brian “When did you get your pots out last?”  “Ages ago!” admitted Brian. “The chicken wing bait is still sitting in the freezer”.

Long story short this wonderful man rigged out the pots and helped Brian put them in the mangroves and then hopped into his Ute and took off to the ferry. Expecting very little, we went down to check on the pots next morning and there was this huge male mud crab. So, Brian had a very happy two hours in his birthday week scavenging every last vestige of crab out of that shell. Lucky boy!!

Did you know that the newsletter you receive monthly via email is different from this weekly email? We do put some course information in both newsletters but generally the weekly one is in-house news and the monthly newsletter is sent well outside Brisbane so needs to be more generic. Your monthly emailed newsletter should have come out to you last week.

Our Winter Group Class schedule is due to start within 8 weeks and I need your help.  At present we have a small percentage of our member base actually joining in with our current Group Class schedule and now is the time to bite the bullet and really assess our member base needs and add choices and possibly add classes more to your taste eg; Line Dancing, Tai Chi, more Pilates classes, ballroom dancing.  I’m open to any suggestions as long as you feel there will be up to  20 or 30 members interested in your ideas.  Send me your thoughts to [email protected]

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