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The Weekly Bite – Monday 24 June, 2024 —Issue 2572

Hi All

At this time of year, it is so cold and dark early in the morning. Brian and I really appreciate the effort that our Early birds make to stay true to their exercise buddies and to their daily exercise.  Every morning before Green Apple opens there’s a loyal band of Club members gathering on the doorstep waiting for Brian, or Loretta, or Jesse, to open the door and let them in. I can hear them out there on Monday to Thursday, laughing and chatting (and solving the problems of the world!). 

Talking about “light” and how relevant it is to our daily health, make sure you read the article on the back of the newsletter “Let there be natural light for good health”. Kristen chose this topic, and it is an interesting one. In the Green Apple we have a lot of opportunities to enjoy natural light and fresh air. Our body responds positively to natural light, both day light and night light, triggering body and mind responses appropriately. 

The fresh air is important because, when we are in enclosed spaces, the airborne viruses and bacteria and other foreign matter are concentrated and trapped. This Clean Air issue became a critical factor in managing and coping with Covid. The air in Green Apple makes it a very safe environment to be exercising in, especially at times when we are breathing more heavily. The outdoor setting in so many parts of Green Apple enables us to benefit from both natural light AND clean air which all contributes to this healthy journey we are making together. 

Also on the back page, you will read some enlightening comments about the Tai Chi classes which is being delivered by our passionate Tai Chi teacher, Michele. I am delighted to know that this class is being embraced by some of you, and when you read what the participants have to say, you will see that the common thread is how Tai Chi, and the breathing-coaching and the mindfulness of it, can help so much with the stresses and anxieties that have become part of our general life these days. 

We have Tai Chi Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Club members can attend these classes at no extra cost. 


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