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The Weekly Bite – Monday 27th May, 2024 —Issue 2568

Hello Green Apples,

We have had a busy few weeks around the Green Apple with Type 2 Diabetes Group starting, Beat It Class starting, Maltron Body Composition Analysis Testing and the My Health For Life Week and Bridie, Exercise Physiologist starting back after her maternity leave (returns back Mondays from the 1 July  1 till 4pm), she will also be presenting the Wellness Specialty Workshops including upcoming Secret Women’s Business course coming (Date TBA) plus taking appointments for those wishing to see her (wait list at Reception).

The Specialty Workshops run for 2 sessions for 90mins each, Total fee for the workshop is $55. These workshop include Total Knee Replacement, Pain Management, Osteoporosis & Muscle Wastage and Men’s Health & Prostate. If you are interested in any of the workshops we can place you on a “expression of interest” wait list at Reception.

The Type 2 Diabetes upcoming 8 week course commences on Wednesday June 5 with Exercise Physiologist Ben. This course is Bulked Billed when you get a T2D doctor’s referral, no out of pocket fee. Grab your T2D flyer at Reception if you are interested or know someone who might be interested.  It will tell you more about the course.

Wellness Group Assessments are on this week for those who are doing the Steady Steps, Lift For Life and Lungs In Action Classes. These assessments are great to find out how you are progressing with strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and maintaining good body health. There is even a cuppa and a chat afterward with the group. If you aren’t interested in the assessments, you are able to do your program without the class and instructor if you feel confident to do so, and still participate in the cuppa.

Don’t forget to wear layers to peel off as the weather cools down and keep warm after working out and keep drinking water and stay hydrated.





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