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The Weekly Bite – Monday 28th February, 2022 —Issue 2453

Hi All

First of all, let’s talk about mask wearing! From this Friday, March 4 at 6pm, you do not have to wear a mask in Green Apple. I know many of you will be very happy about that! If, however, you feel safer wearing your mask then please do.

Second, talking about classes. Thank you for the responses I have had in relation to taking a whole new look at our Winter Class schedule and what you would actually like to be doing in a Group class upstairs. One member writes,

I find that now I am in my mid sixties, and with a pre-existing arthritic condition, whilst I know I need to keep moving and learning (and indeed, enjoy doing so) I find I do not have the puff, brain power, or even will-power, to keep up with the  fast-moving and quickly-changing aspects of your Step, Zumba (when you had it) and Aerobic classes. I would love to do those sorts of moves but when I go to the classes I feel out of step and get depressed and angry at myself. I need an Intermediate level, something above beginners, but for the less light of foot!. So, I have a little list of classes that I myself would love to go to, and I just hope that others might too!:

  1. A Zumba Beginners class leading into a Zumba Gold Class
  2. A Step Gold Class
  3. An Aerobics Gold Class
  4. I love the idea of a Progressive Ballroom Dancing Class
  5. Beginners Belly-Dancing

If you like any of these ideas, or have thoughts of your own, do send me an email.

Have you tried Natalie’s YogaFusion class? Held on Mondays at 5.45pm and Tuesdays at 6am, Nat combines a lot of different modalities within the one class and it really can be done at the pace you feel comfortable. Trial it and let me know what you think.

On the back page of the newsletter this week you will see some original bush poetry written by Brian. It is a Christmas letter to me which is rather personal in a way but I am really proud of his periodical efforts so I am prepared to share. Another talent! We can’t let Reevesie be our only bush poet!

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