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The Weekly Bite – Monday 4th April, 2022 —Issue 2458

Hi All

I am so pleased to be able to share this feedback from member Desley Green with you.  Desley read the article referred to in the latest email Newsletter you would have received.

Morning Victoria,

After reading your article a few weeks ago about rising petrol prices, congested roads etc and your suggestion re walking to gym, the idea has been popping up in my head.  So I decided to put the idea into action and took to the footpath and bikeway and had a lovely 20 minute walk in nature over to the Green Apple.  I am very lucky that I live close enough to allow me to do this and I decided why not.

Only positive things are now coming out of this.  Increased exercise time, saving fuel, no traffic congestion, no need to worry about parking, more “me time” to let me breathe the fresh air and “take time to smell the roses.”   Win, win situation especially with the weather cooling now.

Some times we just need that little seed planted to inspire us to try something different. We get so caught up on the treadmill of life that we don’t always see other opportunities that are out there.

So thank you for planting the seed.  I am enjoying my journey to and fro.

Every week we have a Team meeting on Tuesday at 11am.  We have so much to share about what is going on that there is always a struggle to cover all our agenda items.Last week I wanted to share with the staff a bit of history that they probably didn’t know unless they were working at Green Apple in 2012.

 In 2011, Fitness Australia commenced the Awards of Honour program to formally recognise those in the fitness industry who have made a significant contribution to Fitness Australia, the fitness industry and/or the wider Australian community.

The Roll of Honour Award was created to:

  • to recognise individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the fitness industry in Australia
  • to raise public awareness of the origin, development and growth of the fitness industry as an important part of Australia’s culture.
  • to promote getting more Australians more active more often, thereby contributing to the health and wellbeing of the nation.

The Fitness Industry Roll of Honour gives national recognition to people who are described as ‘game changers’ – those who have made a significant impact on the growth and development of the fitness industry and have therefore made the industry what it is today.

Inductees are people who possess vision and entrepreneurial flair and have successfully used these attributes to create and introduce new concepts, products, and services into the Australian fitness industry, thereby changing the very nature of the industry and contributing to its long-term growth and prosperity.

“In 2011, one woman was chosen and 8 men.

In 2012, Victoria Gill was the one woman chosen amongst other Roll of Honour recipients inducted into the National Industry Roll or Honour.”

It was a great honour and the Awards night in Adelaide was very special.

I wanted to share this with our staff because the creation of Green Apple was considered visionary and I wanted them to know that each one of them have been specially chosen to help grow our unique environment.

I am so proud of what we all achieve together!

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