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The Weekly Bite – Monday 4th July, 2022 —Issue 2471

Hi All

Question: How are you managing the colder weather? Are you switching on every device you can that will heat up your environment or are you using extra cladding to seal in your body heat? When we consider the ever-increasing cost of electricity and gas, making a few changes in our wardrobe might be the better option right now.

When we live in Queensland, we can often have difficulty deciding what to wear in winter. The freezing cold mornings as the sun comes up can be very different from the gorgeous weather as the day unfolds.

When you live in a cold climate, houses and buildings in general have been insulated during the building stage so indoor clothes are very different from anything you wear outside. Between the age of 5 and 20 years I lived in windy Wellington in New Zealand and, in winter, we had fire places and big gas heaters, wallpaper and thick carpets, doonas and hot water bottles, cosy pyjamas. When we went out, we were well rugged up. I always remember how I used to dress to go to university, thick black tights with a heavy duffle coat with toggle wooden buttons. My mother, who was very elegant and well-dressed, would shudder!

My sisters living in Munich, Germany and in Rome, Italy have different challenges. Through the year Hilary, my sister in Germany, and I walk together every Friday. In winter she steps out at 6.30am in snow, well garbed up, while I go out in the heat of the sun at 2.30pm dressed in as little as possible. Hilary dresses in multiple layers and as she warms up, she sheds her layers. Whenever I go to a cold place in winter, I do the same thing. Some of the clothes made these days can be wonderfully thin and light but just so warm.

So I hope you have layers of clothing that you can wear to Green Apple. And remember to display your crazy socks on Friday. I think we should start taking some photos!

Are you an evening member? Have you tried Brian’s Barbell Class on Wednesday at 5.30pm? It is a great class, doing strength exercises to music. If nothing else you will enjoy Brian’s quirky comments and distinctive style.

Gary is away till mid-August and since he is Brian’s sidekick for maintenance work, I am relying on all of you to report any equipment you notice that needs attention. We have a Maintenance Book at Reception that everything is recorded in and Brian checks this regularly.

Keep up the amazing attendance. We all deserve gold medals at this time of year!

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