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The Weekly Bite – Monday 6 June, 2022 —Issue 2467

Hi All

We have had a lovely time sharing My Health for Life Week and Exercise Right Week with you during two weeks in May. At the Team meeting on Tuesday, I asked everyone what were 3 things they felt stood out during that time and their answers were
1.  Everyone was joining in and giving things a go. Competitive spirit!!
2.  Adding a buzz and excitement in the Centre
3.  The testing helped to identify matters that could be addressed during members’ programming.
Big thanks to everyone who participated. Brian and I especially enjoyed the breakfast on Thursday morning where we caught up with a few people. Always good to talk!

I had eleven people come to my talk on Fascia and Biotensegrity last Sunday, Wendy Whatley, Sharon Ramah, Susan Allen, Elva Solman, Cora Reid, Jenny Sykes, Tas Richards, Maureen Kelly, Kate Kelly, Irene Moore and others who told me that they really wanted to come but had other things on that day. I promised to give you a few words to Google so you can continue to find out more about this magical subject
– “Anatomy Trains” Tom Myers
– “The Role of Fascia in Movement and Function” with Christopher De Prato (Youtube video)
– “Biotensegrity” John Sharkey Robert Schleip

I plan to write a blog on the content of my talk and hope to do that soon so I can remember everything I shared with you on Sunday.

Congratulations to Kate Kelly who is the winner of our Exercise Right Raffle. Kate was brought along as a guest by Maureen Kelly and her prize consists of one month FREE membership. We look forward to having both mother and daughter here as part of the big Green Apple family.

See the happy faces below which were snapped during the special event week, Exercise Right. How many faces do you recognise?

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