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The Weekly Bite – Monday 8 July, 2024 —Issue 2574

Hi All

I want to congratulate all of you who have made the effort to keep your exercise a priority during Winter. When daylight hours shrink so we no longer have light early in the morning, and later in the evening, it would be very easy to make the default decision to stay in bed or stay at home!

Brian and I thank all of you who are supporting what we, all of us on the Green Apple Team, are providing for you. By turning up rain, hail or shine and through cold and hot conditions as Summer and Winter roll around we can see you are taking care of your health and wellness, while also building relationships. It is this relationship building which enhances our commitment to ourselves and each other. We need your support all year, and we want you to feel the benefits of what you are doing all year. Together we are all doing powerful things and achieving amazing outcomes. 

We love to get your stories telling us of how you have benefited from what you are doing at Green Apple, and the changes you have noticed in your life. This may show up as how you cope with ordinary activities of daily life, or how you actually feel. Many of our members have mentioned to me how they have noticed one particular member. This member attends in a wheelchair accompanied by his wonderful wife, Anita, and we plan to share his thoughts in next week’s newsletter. We asked Anita and Ian if we could do this, with Ian’s photo, and they have been generous enough to agree to sharing. 

Also in next week’s newsletter we will have more details about the extended Pilates Reformer program which Exercise Physiologists Suzzy and Nathan have been working on. The exciting news is that we will be able to provide small Group Reformer sessions (three people working together) very soon, so watch out for more specific information next week!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in being part of our Group Reformer launch or are interested in trialing this exercise modality, put your name up on the Reception noticeboard so Suzzy or Nathan know to contact you.

Have you thought about trialing a Tai Chi class? Enthusiasm for this particular exercise modality has been growing slowly and the benefits of participating are now showing positive signs, Think about giving it a go!


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