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The Weekly Bite – Monday April 12, 2021—Issue 2409

Hi All

All the Green Apple Team are so happy to see so many of you back on deck after the three day scare. I must say I was setting up contingency plans just in case we had to go into a longer lock down and I am very glad to know these can go on the back burner at present!

If you were one of the members involved in the video made at Green Apple on Thursday April 7, thank you for being part of this initiative by the Brisbane City Council. Evidently the decision has been made by the council to choose a small number of businesses, four in each designated area, to showcase in their Brisbetter promotional videos. I believe four businesses in the Bald Hills and surrounding suburbs were selected and we were one of them. How good was that?

Nessa looked after Nicole from the council, and organised what was needed for the video shoot so thank you to Nessa and to anyone whom participated. I believe it may be some time before anything is released and hopefully they will let us know so we can share the news with you.

This year Anzac Day falls on Sunday and then we will have a public holiday on the Monday. Normally we open later in the day on Anzac Day holiday to allow for Anzac ceremonies and observance of any special events related to our past and present servicemen and servicewomen.

This year we will close on Anzac Day Sunday which is the day the marches and events will be held, and we will open from 6am till 10am on Monday morning. We will have Step with Brian at 6.30am (a really great start to your day and you will feel you have earned a treat for breakfast) and then Stretch at 9am. I am a total believer of this class so consider making the effort to attend. I mobilise myself using stretches first up every day. Keeping our soft tissue pliable is critical, particularly as we age.

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