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The Weekly Bite – Monday April 19, 2021—Issue 2410

Hi All

Brian and I had our COVID vaccine on Thursday night and both survived! Someone actually asked me if I was still going to ride to Lamb the next morning as planned and I replied “yes,” not even thinking about a possible reaction from the vaccine. I left the Centre at 6.30am and, despite some challenging traffic in places, had a lovely ride. It was a beautiful day and made me think how lucky we are in Queensland.

Another public holiday is coming up. Anzac Day will be observed on Sunday April 25 and there will be no afternoon opening (usually 3.30 till 6pm Sunday) however Brian and I will open on Monday April 26 from 6am till 10am (which is the day also observed as a public holiday since Anzac Day is in the weekend).

On Monday April 26, Brian would love to see you at his Step Class at 6.30am. If you don’t make that class you might find the 9am Stretch Class a better option.
Do come! It makes Brian and me feel it really is worth opening on public holidays.

So many of us have had knee surgery and others of us will be destined for the knife in the future. Sunny’s workshop early May will answer your questions, and the information will be really pertinent to know about prior and post knee joint replacements. Book in for this soon. Non-members are welcome to participate.

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