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The Weekly Bite – Monday August 10, 2020—Issue 2376

Hi All

You will be happy to know that we have had a wonderful response to our hygiene and cleanliness policy. Thanks to all of you for helping keeping Green Apple so safe for all of us.

I ask for help now in relation to how we are using our wipes. When you are on any equipment, your towels should provide good cover for most surfaces. You only need to use one wipe on the handles and any surface you actually touch. It is important to detach one piece of wipe at a time, and that one wipe can be used for the “before and after” clean. At present we are going through more than $2000 a month in our wipe refills. it goes without saying that if it is going to cost a minimum of $24,000 a year to provide the necessary wipes, it has to be factored in. However if there is any way we can reduce this expense and still get the hygiene results, then it will help make it a more sustainable option.

Don’t forget that the Exhibition Day holiday has been shifted from Wednesday this year to Friday. Since we will be closed all day on August 14, do come in on Saturday (7am till 12 noon) or Sunday (3.30pm till 6pm).

I am happy to hear that the Wednesday DVD sessions at 5.30pm and/or 6pm have been attended successfully. If you plan to attend during the evening and would like company to do an Aerobic class or Step class, you can join the current little band. There is a good assortment of classes to choose from.

Do you ever suffer from pain? If you understand more about what you are experiencing it can really help you deal with it. Sunny will be delivering a Workshop on this topic during September and if you pick up a couple of really important points by listening to him, you might be able to help with the management of it.

There is so much research available now in regards WHY we need to exercise, it amazes me that so few of us do it!! Keep up YOUR good work.

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