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The Weekly Bite – Monday August 24, 2020—Issue 2378

Hi All

Thank you to all members who responded to my Victoria’s Talk Time that went out yesterday afternoon. It always helps to know what you are thinking, whether positive affirmations or constructive recommendations. I am very appreciative of people prepared to communicate their thoughts. If it is important to you then I am listening. If I can’t do something I’ll explain why.

One measure that we will be introducing this week is to provide spray bottles and paper towels for you to use when wiping down larger surfaces, like mats and even equipment that has hard surfaces i.e. it is not porous (which will absorb the spray). The spray bottles will have a liquid which meets the criteria we need to use for the purpose. So, you have the choice of how to sanitise surfaces. Used paper towels will go in the same bins that we use for the wipes. And use the hand sanitiser when you replace the bottle after you have used it.
I know those of you whom attend classes are very keen to see everything return to normal. This will happen as soon as it becomes safe and possible to do.  Currently we are still in COVID Stage Three and the framework we must work within has very specific regulations and restrictions. With the current situation of increasing COVID numbers in Brisbane it is even more important for us all to pull together and support anything we are asked to do.  A common theme that resonates through so many forms of communication is a fearfulness that didn’t exist in the greater population prior to the COVID pandemic. Fear of where is safe to go, and who to mix with, and under what circumstances is it wise/unwise. I understand this completely because the media constantly mentions age in relation to risk.

Hopefully the next few points will reassure you enough to help you stay strong on your resolve to look after yourself.

  1. I want you to feel safe within Green Apple and we are doing everything we can to keep the Green Apple an environment that is so much safer than most out-of-home destinations.
  2. Every one of us whom exercises appropriately will have a better auto-immune system than they would otherwise, and all of us are building a level of protection that people our own age out in the community may lack. For me, the alternative is not worth thinking about.
  3. Any group work within the Centre will continue to have restrictions on numbers, and where necessary a second class of the same format will be delivered so no-one misses out                 

    Help us. We have your best interests at heart, always.

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