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The Weekly Bite – Monday December 13, 2021 —Issue 2443

Hi All

Well, the borders are open and on December 17 many businesses will be adopting the Covid-safe policies necessary to minimise the spread of the virus.
All our current measures in relation to signing in with your QR code, cleaning, sanitising hands and equipment, observing sensible distancing, remain in place.
If you have contact with anyone whom has Covid, or you are unwell, it will be important you have the Covid test and remain at home until you have a negative result.
If you are anxious or just want to have better protection now, we encourage you to wear a mask in busy times. We are all so lucky to have all these open-air areas of the Centre to go into to do our exercise which significantly lowers the risk of airborne contagion.

I will be writing to all our client base by email this week to make sure everyone is clear about our policies. In this newsletter I share some basic information.
From December 17 you will require evidence that you are fully vaccinated for Covid because the Green Apple will observe the regulations Qld Health set for locations accessible only by fully vaccinated customers. All the Staff and Volunteers at Green Apple are double-vaccinated and Brian and I will be having our booster shot very soon.

We believe that every action we are having to take is providing the best possible protection for all the people who come to Green Apple for their medical condition, for their mental and emotional well-being. We will probably be the only place that some people will venture out to.  If you are unsure how to upload your “vaccine tick” onto your QR code on your phone we will have information sheets to explain it as well as face-to-face interaction with you. We just have to get through this whole new world together as best as we can.

I want to thank those of you whom have spoken to me or written to me about your concerns. I would like to share two emails, members whom gave their name but whom will remain anonymous.

“I read your response on the whiteboard regarding vaccination.  I would only feel comfortable at Green Apple if everyone was double vaxxed.  If someone has a genuine medical exemption certificate, they should be the only exception for unvaccinated entry”
“We believe that at Green Apple we should be able to exercise safely and positively, confident in the knowledge that all attendees are double vaccinated. This is not only for our personal safety but also out of concern for our family that includes grandchildren that haven’t been able to get vaccinated yet and elderly parents and concern for our general community. The evidence cannot be refuted about the effectiveness of the vaccination in protecting the whole community.”

It is with a very heavy heart that I will see some members unable to attend because they prefer not to have the vaccine. This is not a decision I have taken lightly. I have been agonising over it all for the past month. Please support the staff through this. It is never easy.

Thank you
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