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The Weekly Bite – Monday December 14, 2020—Issue 2394

Hi All

I hope you have had a chance to see the noticeboard in Reception, set up by Petrina as her farewell story. For members whom have been at Green Apple for more than a decade or two, you will remember Petrina in many roles over the years and may have developed strong relationships and friendships. I am sure you will join me in thanking her for the inspiration she has brought to so many members, and the pain relief and sincere care to so many Clinic clients. We wish Petrina the very best in her next venture.

There are many things to check out in this newsletter from a rescheduled BodySculpt class (now Tuesday not Thursday), Charlie’s Challenge on Wednesday nights, the break up dates for Yoga, the Green Apple Christmas Gift Pack, the new Teen Training class, a simply amazing recipe that will look so impressive on Christmas Day.

If you usually attend one of the Wellness Strength classes, i.e., Heartgrooves, Steady Steps, Lungs in Action, Lift for Life, Stay Strong Longer or the Veteran’s Group class, I hope you will take advantage to come in at any time you choose from Saturday December 19 till Sunday January 3.

For two weeks, at this time of year, you are able to use your 10-session attendance card to come into the Centre, collect your workout card from Reception and go out into the gym to do your program solo at any time of day and on any day we are open. You can even use your card to pay for an Aqua class or anything else you would like to trial for a change of pace.

If you have Care plan sessions you haven’t used in 2020 it might be a good idea to see your exercise physiologist in the next 2 weeks before December 31. Sunny and Bridie will have the Christmas/New Year week off and Charlotte will be holding the fort.

You will be happy to hear that Brian has started the job of installing the overhead fans in the Forever Active area. He had planned (or should I say that I had planned) to install these during our COVID closure and the “outdoor team” just ran out of time. I know many of you are really feeling the heat out there so it won’t be long before you get some relief. Since we can only do the work (which requires some big trestles set up) when the Centre is closed, Brian plans to work on them this Saturday after all staff (including us) finish our Resuscitation course, and then again on Sunday. Fairly big job so we will see how far he can get.      


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