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The Weekly Bite – Monday December 6, 2021 —Issue 2442

Hello Green Apples,

Nessa here, writing to you all again. Can you believe we are in December already? Christmas is coming and the New Year isn’t far behind. The tree is going up, then down again before we know it too!

We have been busy here at Green Apple doing our annual Christmas post out to our lovely members, yes you!!! So, watch out for the mail – yours is coming!

If you didn’t know, over the Christmas/New Year period, our hours and classes change – a copy of this will be in your mail soon or grab a copy at Reception.

Our Wellness Groups Members (HeartMoves, Steady Steps, Lungs in Action, Life for Life and Stay Stronger Longer Groups) are finishing up on Friday 24th Dec 2021 and restart back on Tuesday 4th Jan 2022.  These members are welcome to attend without the class instructor if they feel comfortable to do on their own and use their clip card anytime during the opening times.

I spoke to one of our members, Brenda Hetherington, and she said the Wellness Groups are the best way to keep our body moving, active and less stressed. So keep exercising over the Christmas period, no one wants a tied stressful stiff unhappy person. She will be here working out, as no one likes a tired, stressed, stiff, and unhappy Brenda!!!! 

Don’t forget we have so much happening at Green Apple, if you need to know anything please just ask us.  We can help you or someone you know to become stronger, healthier, and happier.

Keep Smiling,




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