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The Weekly Bite – Monday December 7, 2020—Issue 2393

Hi All

When you read the back page today you will see that it is taken up fully with Petrina’s news that she plans to move on to embrace something she is very interested in, CyberSecurity.

We could have filled multiple pages about Petrina’s journey here at Green Apple up till now because she has been part of Green Apple on and off since she was eight years old. She has grown up within the business, has delivered classes, prescribed programs, performed effective massage treatments, been an amazing fund raiser especially in the days we had our huge Camp Quality 30 km event, inspired many people to achieve their goals, shown care and empathy for so many members and been passionate about what Green Apple is all about.

Petrina has had her own journey throughout it all and after a significant weight increase due to a metabolic disorder, she has achieved an amazing health and body transformation herself during this period of working in the Green Apple. It takes true grit and courage to make this happen and hopefully has inspired others to “bite the bullet“ too.

So we wish Petrina the very best in every way. And, who knows, the Green Apple may be graced by her return in the future as it has many times in the past 40 years.

Good news for Group Class participants, from Monday December 7 the numbers in class will be capped at 15 not 11. The only classes that will have attendance sheets to register your names will be the ones that are currently  reaching capacity eg the Earlybird classes. If the list is not up in Reception you can just turn up.

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