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The Weekly Bite – Monday February 1, 2021—Issue 2400

Hi Everyone

Well done to all of you whom have successfully completed your Christmas Bonus card this year!

Now you will have to decide how to spend your $30. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this $30 in bits and pieces so you will need to spend it in one transaction.

You can put your $30 towards:
Personal Training (coaching)
Workshops and Courses
– Green Apple towel ($40)

If you have private health fund rebates available in the categories “massage” and “exercise physiology” you can access this rebate plus your Bonus in one session for either an hour massage treatment with me or an hour testing/coaching with Sunny, Bridie or Charlotte. This is great value for something that will really help you in your body-housekeeping journey.

In this newsletter you will read a very interesting article on the results of some important research. It also mentions the new Physical Activity Guidelines as set down recently in 2020 by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
The effects of COVID world-wide has provided evidence of the need to do even more physical activity to offset our increasing sedentary lifestyles, both at work and at home.
The article in the newsletter will explain the research on exercise and cardiovascular health, and Medscape Medical News has provided me with specifics of the new guidelines which are significantly higher in volume:
– Two and a half to 5 hours of moderate exercise or One and a quarter to two and a half hours of strenuous exercise
– Strength (progressive resistance) twice weekly
– Balance to improve functional capacity

And children and adolescents should be doing 60 minutes of vigorous activity daily!! WOW! Think about enrolling them in our updated Teen Training Class.

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