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The Weekly Bite – Monday February 22, 2021—Issue 2403

Hello Green Apple friends

Brian would like to thank everyone who wished him Happy Birthday last Wednesday, and made his 71st birthday so special. He almost fell over in surprise when he was presented with a home-made chocolate cake (thank you member Helen Church for thinking to do this).

Brian wants me to tell you that he “thanks his boss for letting him have a week off at Kirra for his birthday!!”

We have had a problem getting the order we placed for our big rolls of wet wipes. Hopefully by the time you read this newsletter we will have them installed again. If not then we ask you to just keep using the paper towels and spray bottles to wipe down the equipment.

We have also had a request from a member to provide details of the ingredients of the spray bottles. We will put up signs near the spray bottles with this information on it. The ingredients are in accordance with our COVID-safe regulations and deemed appropriate and clinically safe for the purpose we are using them. If you have concerns then I strongly recommend the use of the gloves available at Reception.

Every day at Green Apple we hear tales of some sort of health success. For some it is that your blood sugar levels have dropped significantly and that you have been able to reduce your T2D medication. For others it is that your blood pressure is better controlled and your doctor is very happy with you. Some members tell us they can walk better and feel more mobile in general. Others say that there is a definite improvement in their strength and that they can now get down on the floor because they know they can get up again! So many benefits just because you are diligent about your body-housekeeping!!

I wonder how many of you realise that all the good work you are doing is also boosting your auto-immune system which is probably the most powerful benefit of all. Every day, as I do my exercise, I keep this in mind. On days when exercising is challenging and I don’t feel like doing it, this thought of how I am helping my body to stay healthy and well just keeps me hanging in there.

Keep up your good efforts


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