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The Weekly Bite – Monday January 18, 2021—Issue 2398

Hi All

Well, hasn’t it been an incredible journey again, the whole exercise is of making sure we are compliant with COVID regulations as events unfolded. It certainly hasn’t helped that there have been rules set by our Qld government, then apparent relaxations based on WHO recommendations.

This week the Green Apple will continue to observe the COVID-safe rules I sent out to everyone on the day before we re-opened. We only need to do this from Monday till Thursday if all goes well. The rules remain:
1.  Wear masks while in the Centre (unless medically exempt)
2.  Wipe equipment after every use
3.  Use hand sanitiser (and wash hands) often
4.  Observe physical distancing

If you believe you require an exemption from mask-wearing, please find out under what circumstances this is permitted within Green Apple.

The rule, to observe mask wearing in all parts of the Centre apart from the pool area (you can take your mask off inside the gate and put it on again at the gate to come out of that area), has been set in the Green Apple because we are a Wellness Centre, not a “gym”, and we provide exercise opportunities for fragile people, people with chronic conditions, as well as healthy individuals. I want no unnecessary anxiety to be experienced by anyone attending the Centre during this time.

On the back page of the newsletter this week you will see suggestions by an exercise physiologist from outside the Centre. Sonya has included it for your interest and I’d like to add that one of the areas he hasn’t mentioned, that we really need to be aware of, is the hip flexors (which is the action of the iliopsoas muscle when activating both the iliacus and psoas muscles).

If you sit for many hours a day, you are bound to shorten your hip flexors. The end result of this shortening can be altered postural alignment with a tilted pelvis, lower back pain, and a general tightening in the hip area. It is usually a very gradual process and when pain finally manifests, you may think it is something you must have done to create it. Alas no! It is a classic overuse injury and you will need hip flexor exercises and quite possibly soft tissue release (clinical massage) to return the muscle to a more functional length.


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