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The Weekly Bite – Monday January 25, 2021—Issue 2399

 Hi to all our wonderful members

Bouquets! bouquets! bouquets!!!

I want to thank you for helping us cope with the ten days of mask-wearing which finished on Friday, January 22 at 1am. I, and all of us on staff at Green Apple, have been incredibly impressed with the way you have just knuckled down and complied with the restrictions we “had to have “throughout Queensland. I know we had some very hot days, muggy days, when it was hard enough to wear a mask, let alone do anything physical at the same time.

And you did it!!

It would have been very easy to use the mask-wearing directive as an excuse to do no exercise for the duration but there was little evidence of this.

The deadline for our Christmas Bonus Card completion is coming up very soon. Your final day is meant to be by Australia Day but I have been asked if we can extend this for a couple of days in lieu of the 3-day closure. I know many of you would not normally come in Saturday or Sunday however I think it fair to provide a couple of extra days so the deadline is now Thursday, January 28.

We have some requests to start our mid-morning classes earlier to avoid the heat of the day. I am definitely considering this so keep an eye out for any blackboards at the Centre entrance announcing the changed times, read the newsletter and listen to any announcements from your class leaders. If attending earlier than the gazetted times does not suit you please let me know as soon as possible so I am aware that it is not going to be popular with everyone (before the decision is made).

On Australia Day Brian and I will open from 6am till 10am so we hope to see you if you need to finish off your Bonus Card. I will be taking two classes that morning, a 30-minute Basic Step class at 6.30am and Aqua at 8am. The Basic Step will enable any beginners to join in but will also give experienced Steppers a good workout.

The Aqua class is being held at 8am because I don’t think our neighbours will appreciate being woken up on Australia Day any earlier!

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