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The Weekly Bite – Monday July 12, 2021—Issue 2422

Hi All

Thank you to every one of you whom are doing such a good job with helping us keep Green Apple a safe haven in this uncertain COVID time. I know the extra effort you have to go to when wiping equipment down when you use it adds to your workout time but we appreciate your support. Every little bit helps!

Do you have friends in faraway places who would like to be able to do what you are doing here at Green Apple?  Well, it is something that is going to be possible through various pathways in the latter half of this year.

Our Exercise Right for Active Ageing (ERAA) class delivered by Sunny on Thursdays is going to be offered as a distance course using the pathway we operated during our COVID closure last year, provided as a group activity. This class has been designed for anyone 65 and over whom does not meet the national guidelines for physical activity and this would be most Australians in this demographic. Our Green Apple members are an exception to the rule!

Delivered weekly by Zach, ERAA will be available to anyone who can’t actually come in to the Centre. The accrediting body for Exercise Physiologists, ESSA, has the funding for this program until the end of the year so anyone enrolling in the class will be co-funded. It is a great opportunity for people wanting to trial something that will help their health and keep them doing activities that helps with balance, mobility and strength.

If you have someone in mind who might be interested let us know so we can provide more information once the dates and times have been set up for the delivery of the course.

Currently we are working with excellent commercial photographers to arrange photoshoots and videos to add to our current website, and our new website, which will be going live as soon as we finish the copywriting and visuals.  We will be asking members to be our models in many cases rather than using people who do this type of work as a living. I want our visuals to provide really genuine images of Green Apple and Green Apple people. So if we approach you to be part of the project, realise we want you as a valuable member to showcase what we do at Green Apple. We have so many success stories here and if we don’t share these experiences and great outcomes then other people who want what you have achieved won’t know about it, and it all stays a big secret. I was told this many years ago and told to “get out there and spread the word!!”.

Katrina (Monday July 12, 5.45pm) and Loretta (Tuesday July 13, at 6am) will be delivering classes instead of our usual instructor Natalie this week. See the information on this page regarding what they plan to do.  Loretta will be doing some Fitball Drumming which is an activity we used to do as a regular class many years ago. I am keen to hear how much you like it. It can be great fun.

If you haven’t had your program reviewed recently because of the COVID closure or some other reason, you should be able to book in now. If you have a Care plan, book in with an exercise physiologist. AEP Charlotte and member Cheryl Johnstone look pretty happy about the whole deal!

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