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The Weekly Bite – Monday July 20, 2020—Issue 2373

Hi All

Just a reminder that we have the body analysis testing available this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. I know many members use this method of determining how much muscle mass and how much body fat they have at any one time. This sort of analysis gives you a much better idea of how healthy your body is, as opposed to your weight on the scales.

One reason I think it very worthwhile to have this Maltron test currently is that when we age one of the things that happens to us is our muscle mass deteriorates. When we use weights and progressively increase the load, or increase the repetitions, we challenge these diminishing muscles so they stay stronger and firmer than they otherwise would. By doing this we can keep our muscle to fat ratio under much better control. Since we had to close the Green Apple for nearly 3 months due to COVID-19 you may not have had exposure to your usual strength training so by having a Maltron test, it will give you an understanding of where you are right now, and this gives you guidance in regards what you need to do when you get your new program.

Our Saturday Team tell me our new Yoga teacher, Sharon Bryce, was very well received on Saturday. Eleven people turned up to do the first Yoga class we have been able to take since mid March and this was the maximum number allowed to have in the room currently due to the correct physical distancing rules (which is now one person every 4 square metres). If you attended the class on Saturday July 18 and plan to attend this coming Saturday, you can phone and let us know and we will keep your space. If you are interested in coming to Yoga this week and were not here on Saturday July 18, please phone Reception 3261 1249 and ask to be put on the waiting list. I need to see what demand there is for Yoga so I can plan for our future needs.

Did you see that we have a Learn to Step class on Thursday morning?  I hope you will take advantage of this new addition and, if you haven’t tried Step before, give it a go and learn a new skill. Step really is a very functional class. One of the main benefits is that the stepping will strengthen your legs. Step was originally developed by a woman who was recovering from knee surgery and since she had to do quite a lot of stepping for rehab purposes, she grew bored with simple stepping up and down and started to do a few different types of stepping. Since her body was recovering she had to be sensible about using a slow beat and not twisting her knee joint and this makes it a safe exercise form for most people.
Loretta will be taking Learn to Step and using music with 122 beats per minute. This slower beat will enable you to keep up with the steps she is teaching you 

Don’t forget our COVID control rules. These apply to every one of us.
Use your towels to cover equipment
Use our wipes to wipe every part of any equipment you touch
Use our sanitiser regularly
Observe the 1.5 metre distancing
AND PLEASE stay home if you are not well

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