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The Weekly Bite – Monday July 5, 2021—Issue 2421

Hi All

I hope you received the email sent to all our member base very early Monday morning. If you haven’t, check your Junk Mail and if it is still not showing up, let us know so we can check our records.

Everything is back on track from today, Monday July 5, so if you have a scheduled appointment we look forward to welcoming you in.

Please, please observe the COVID-safe rules we have been asked to follow so we protect ourselves and each other. You may think signing in with the QR code, wearing a mask, observing the required distancing, using a big towel on equipment, wiping down the equipment where you have come into contact with it and using the hand sanitiser regularly, is an overkill. All I can say is “Just do it“ for others even if you don’t believe it is necessary.

Are you an Earlybird, attending the Centre sometime between 5.30 am and 7am on Tuesday mornings? And have you avoided doing classes up in the Group Class area because you feel you are not capable of coping? Our newest class, Yoga Fusion, from 6am till 7am on Tuesdays might just be the class for you!  Class Leader, Natalie, will be including Chair Yoga in her class as well as some Tai Chi and other fun things and, even more important really, will provide you with something that you don’t ever have in your program and that your body and your mind might really benefit from. I think we can get in a bit of a rut with our exercise which makes us want to stay in the comfort of doing the same sort of activity.  Do give it a try and see if Yoga Fusion will put something into your weekly schedule that didn’t exist before.

For our evening members, you have the opportunity to do a Yoga Fusion class at 5.45 till 6.45pm on Mondays. Have you tried this yet?

I really need feedback from you to let me know your thoughts so I know what direction to go when deciding on activities that align with our Green Apple framework now. The best way to contact me is by email, [email protected] and I will get back to you promptly.


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