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The Weekly Bite – Monday June 28, 2021—Issue 2420

Hi All

I am so glad Team member Nessa did the work on making us compliant in relation to the QR code when she did. Now that the government requires compliance by all businesses, even shopping centres!  We are right up there with the best of them.  Developing our Contact Tracing compliance came about because Charlotte told us about the way we could develop different QR codes to use for anything we wanted people to access visually e.g., the content of our website etc just by using their phone. And we thought if we set up our entry QR for you to use, we could also teach some of you whom feel technologically challenged (and aren’t most of us some way or another!!) how to do it on your phone. And it has been successful.  We still have the “manual” entry available for those of you whom do not have a Smartphone. I think we are all going to have to work towards being able to register ourselves somewhere along the line. It surely is a changing world.

If you have been attending the Yoga Fusion on Monday night at 5.45pm or Tuesday 6am, I am keen to know what you think about this class. The few people I have spoken to seem happy, and some members whom can’t attend at these times have shown a real interest in being able to participate so I am working on that at present. This is why I want your feedback before I go any further.  Expressions of interest would be good to get though. This is just an idea at present but if we had a Yoga Fusion class early on Friday afternoon, would you WANT to come and would the TIME suit you? I already have had 4 people say it would be a very good day and time for them. So let me know soon.  I will ask Sonya to put a notice up in the Reception board about this so you can register your interest. Please, please only put your name up if you really intend to attend, and that means a regular commitment.

Zach, our Green Apple exercise physiologist employed full time now since Bridie has had her baby, has hit the ground running. Thank you, member Reece Mattes, for the lovely comments about Zach after her induction process. Reece felt that Zach did everything he could to work around any difficulties and to make her feel comfortable with the program he devised. And that is the highest priority for me, that you feel in control of, and understand, what you are doing. A truly successful physical activity plan can only be achieved if it is a team effort between you and your programmer. 


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