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The Weekly Bite – Monday March 15, 2021—Issue 2406

Hi All

I want to share with you the Editor’s column in the global journal Club Business International February 2021.  This segment is in relation to the position Fitness Facilities (in our case at Green Apple “Wellness” facility) holds currently.

“It took us a while to get there, but in the last few weeks, we’ve seen more policymakers and medical authorities making the case that health clubs should remain open and accessible to the public as the pandemic continues.

This didn’t happen by accident, IHRSA, state fitness alliances, industry leaders, and everyday club owners have relentlessly pushed for clubs to remain open.  Now, health clubs all over the worked are taking charge of their own destiny.  By creating a standard that prioritizes established and proven safety protocols, health clubs are cementing their dedication to serving the public in a time of great need.  The initiative has already been adopted by more than 1,115 gyms around the world.

The longer gyms were closed, the more the public realized how much clubs fill a need that can’t be satisfied with at-home workouts.  Virtual fitness has its place, but nothing can replace the energy of a bustling health club and the camaraderie of group exercise.  The extended shutdowns have convinced millions just how integral gyms are to their health and happiness.

Fitness facilities are a unique enterprise.  You can’t roll up to a drive-through window and order fitness-to-go.  You don’t stop in a health club, fill up a shopping cart with fitness, then head out the door.  You commit to a health club.  It’s a journey and an experience.  A social experience.”

From conversations I am having with members, this rings true.  To me it has always been an incredible journey, and a totally meaningful social experience.  What we do within Green Apple goes well beyond physical activity.  We are a community within a community with a responsibility to each other.  Great Stuff!

Well done to the little Green Apple team who participated in the Women’s Day Fun Run.  Katrina tells me that next year she wants to inspire members to join in with this great fundraising effort too.


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