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The Weekly Bite – Monday May 10, 2021—Issue 2413

Hi All

If you haven’t checked out the Green Apple website recently you may like to Google and have a look around. The reason I suggest this is that, in a conversation I had recently with a long-time member about some of the services available to them, they were amazed that they were unaware of the extent of what we do now.

One of the benefits of attending Green Apple is the support systems, and experienced and knowledgeable team members, that can provide specialised help. Guidance with your diet for health reasons or for controlling weight at different times of your life is really important and now that dietitian, Loretta Howard, provides this service at Green Apple on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, you have someone who will listen to you and help you. A session with Loretta can save you a lot of unnecessary angst about diet. If you are interested in finding out more, ask at Reception.

Our workshops and various courses are also set up to support your wellness journey.

Team members are carefully chosen to come onboard at Green Apple to provide a diversity of skills and professional interests. You may have met Zach already, who is currently doing his Green Apple induction into Bridie’s role for when she goes on maternity leave. Zach has his Masters in the field of exercise physiology and is very keen to be integrated into the current Green Apple team.

This week we add another new professional, Bronte, who will finish her degree in exercise physiology mid-year and come onboard full time once she has her ESSA accreditation. From Wednesday, May 12, Bronte will be working part time learning the ropes. Do welcome her.

Green Apple Earlybirds, keep an eye out for your new Group class planned for Tuesday at 6am. I look forward to hearing from you once you have attended Natalie’s class so let me know whether you like this fresh new activity in your morning schedule.

And check out what our Loretta will do with her 6am Thursday morning class now. Loretta Lamb is always thinking of ways to keep you all interested and working well in her classes. Deserves a bouquet!


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