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The Weekly Bite – Monday May 24, 2021—Issue 2415

Hi All

The cold snap last week certainly woke us all up and extra layers were almost essential, especially for you Earlybirds waiting on the doorstep at 5.30am. I even dug out my knitted scarf!

It might help to know you will be burning up a few extra calories on cold days in winter as your body has to work harder to metabolise heat to keep your core temperature stable.  So, wear the extra layers into the Centre when you need to and peel them off as you heat up.

The Yoga Fusion class on Tuesday morning at 6am is proving popular. Natalie is a wonderful motivator with a passion for what she is doing. If you plan to attend this class, make sure you put your name up on the Reception board. It will be crucial also for you to give us as much notice as possible if you can’t attend because there may be people on stand-by wanting to get into this class and we want to be able to give them a call anytime we have a cancellation.

Lezley is back to do the Yoga classes on Saturday now and we welcome her after her few weeks break, and thank Natalie so much for taking the class during that time.

I am still working on further suitable classes to trial in Winter. Wanda tells me that she has had some suggestions and requests for Thursday evening so I will be liaising with her about this and we should have something up and running soon.

We will be doing some professional photoshoots over two Saturday afternoons fairly soon so if we ask for volunteers to be involved, I hope you will be part of it. I was offered “models” as part of the shoot but I am only interested in having our own people in our photos and videos. Real Green Apple people!

When the council came out to do a shot for their Council video (they chose four businesses to showcase the area of Bald Hills and surrounding suburbs and we were one of them) they also offered “models” and I asked if we could have real members participating so thank those of you who were prepared to be videoed. You can see this video at, and scroll down to the video.

It is “Exercise Right” week this week so let’s all embrace it!

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