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The Weekly Bite – Monday May 31, 2021—Issue 2416

Hi All

It has taken several weeks to decide on and organise the evening classes for our Winter Group Class schedule. Finally, I can announce we will commence the new timetable which will commence Monday June 7.

On Monday from 5.45 till 6.45pm, Natalie (Nat), will deliver her Yoga Fusion class. We have been providing this for the Green Apple Earlybirds every Tuesday morning at 6am currently and have had a wonderful response so I have great hopes that it will be popular in the evening.  Since we will not know how many of you will be prepared to trial this class, we will put up a notice on the reception notice board for you to put your name on if you are coming. And if you say you are coming please do, or let us know in good time if unable to attend in case we have others wanting to join in this new activity.  Nessa will be gazetting the class on Facebook and we might have interest from the general community so book your place soon.
Non-members are welcome to any of our classes and the fee to participate is $18.

On Tuesday we will have a longer Stretch Class will a starting time of 6pm (till 6.45pm).

On Thursday, Wanda will take a Mystery Class similar to what Charlotte does on Friday mornings at 6am. This will give Wanda the ability to address any “requests” from participants. The class will commence at 6pm and finish 6.45pm.

There will be NO 5.30pm classes during the week once we start our Winter schedule from June 7.
Also at present there will be no Wednesday or Friday night classes however I will be tracking participation in our new schedule and if we have the “demand” for more nights because of the success of the classes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I will definitely consider addressing this.

We have so much going on that you could possibly benefit from, so do keep checking the notice boards etc. I believe the workshop on Osteoporosis and Osteopaenia, loss of bone and muscle, is incredibly important to all of us and there is a workshop on this very soon. Bone loss is a silent process and it can happen so easily without our knowledge. I encourage you to read my Blog on the Green Apple website on osteoporosis and T-scores as a precursor to booking in.


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