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The Weekly Bite – Monday November 15, 2021 —Issue 2439

Hi All

I can imagine how relieved many of you are to be able to come into the Centre without a mask! Your cardiovascular exercise will be easier to manage and when the summer heat and humidity actually arrive in full force, being free of a mask will make all the difference to how you feel about your exercise. 

Remember we still need to keep using our QR code registration when we come into the Green Apple and this will become even more relevant as we head towards December 17 when our QR code will also be used to show our vaccination status. Since Queensland law will require us to provide entry to vaccinated people only we will have to track who is eligible to attend once the deadline comes around. I sincerely hope that all of you will meet the necessary criteria so there will be no confusion and no unpleasantness for any of us. 

We have 100% compliance in every Green Apple Team member in relation to the vaccination and this includes our Yoga gurus, Nat and Lezley as well as Michelle who is here regularly as our bookkeeper and occasional project manager. They all want to keep you safe!

Babies! We have seen so many new little people being born amongst the Green Apple Team, either our own children or our grandchildren. The most recent is Katrina Bethell’s daughter, Sophie, and baby Dottie. See her photo in today’s newsletter. Other babies Hamish (Bridie’s boy) and Harper, (Loretta’s daughter Sharnee’s girl) and Connor and Teddy (Steph’s boys) and all healthy and well. As the only girl, Dottie is well and truly outnumbered!

Brian and I look forward to seeing all your faces this week!


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