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The Weekly Bite – Monday November 16, 2020—Issue 2390

Hi All

Some of you have been asking if we plan to have any Green Apple social event this year to celebrate Christmas. Since we had to cancel our usual arrangement with Pine Rivers Bowls Club due to not being sure whether large gatherings would be sanctioned by November, there is a vacuum in our social committee planning. We are open to any suggestions but would need help with any organising at this stage.

In this newsletter we share member Joan Gregory’s step-down from the Green Apple Social Committee. Joan has been a huge help over the years, and especially shined in her role of Treasurer in the days of our Camp Quality Fun Walk and market day. Member Pat Gray is keen to continue in her role of organising social activities and is looking for any member interested in coming on to the committee.

I will be doing a Presentation for a recently completed Alondra Retirement Complex on Thursday November 26. I plan to share thoughts on the immense benefit of the right exercise on our auto-immune system and why we really need to boot up our efforts once we retire. The organisers have 3 events planned and have provide invitations for any member interested in the activities planned. Ask at Reception for the invitation card and phone them soon. The attendance numbers are capped and it will be “first in, first served” I believe.

Toni has been doing some excellent foot and calf release massage in the past few weeks. If you know that this is an area you need thorough work on, enquire at Reception about an appointment for an hour with Toni. Members will pay $75 and if you have a birthday card to use, you will be able to have the whole hour for $55!

When the weather warms up you may benefit from a program to do in the pool. This is really advisable for those of you whom suffer from swelling of your ankles and legs during times of high humidity. An important tip here, if you need to help the heart return the blood from your legs back to the heart, you need to do your exercise in the water vertical not horizontal (eg better to do exercises standing than swimming in a lying position). When I am doing treatment work on legs, I recommend water walking to help with venous return.

Note: be prepared to book a funded half hour session for your prescriptive pool programming, member’s rate for this is $60 with the exercise physiologist less any private health funding, or $40 with an exercise professional (no PHF rebate).


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