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The Weekly Bite – Monday November 22, 2021 —Issue 2440

Hi All

The Splashing Good Time water class, designed for people with physical or chronic conditions who need more special attention than can be provided in conventional Aqua classes, is generating a lot of interest. To understand more about the purpose of Splashing Good Time and who will benefit from attending, I quote Zach’s report to the Green Apple Team,

“The following is an update of the Splashing Good Time class that started today. The session went well and consisted of two clients who reported that they really enjoyed the change of pace and more tailored approach that this hydro class provided for them. They feel as though they were better able to focus on the movements and that it was going to have greater benefits on their joints. For those that are unsure Splashing Good Time is a class targeted towards those that might find land-based movement challenging or painful e.g. those with knee and hip pain while getting up and down from equipment. The water provides an environment where a similar movement can be achieved through pain-free range of motion”. 

Fee per class: 
Full Members pay $6.50, 
Associate Members (using a 10-session attendance card) can attend using one session on their card
Casual (Non-Members) $18

Splashing Good Time classes are capped at 8 people.

On the back page of this newsletter, you will read about an interesting area of research, a topic that I am always talking about to anyone I am treating for pain.  Pain is generated in the brain. The brain decides where you will feel pain. So, when we understand the whole concept of pain, we can manage our pain better. 

The combination of hands-on soft-tissue release (clinical massage) with pain education is a powerful treatment modality and can make all the difference in how we feel. 

We will share more about our COVID-safe compliancy closer to the date when Qld will be opened up. We are gathering all the information on what we can and can’t do. The fact that our member base has a significant at-risk cohort (over 70 years and/or with one or multiple chronic conditions) and hence is not a conventional “gym” setting requires us to have appropriate COVID-safe practices in place. The Qld government will have stronger regulations for venues if allowing access to unvaccinated people. 

I am listening to anyone who wants to talk with me about this topic and I am responding to emails. If the decisions being made will affect you, please address it with me because the final settlement of what we do will be mine. Green Apple staff have been doing their best in very awkward situations sometimes ever since the advent of COVID. Policy making is a very complex area with multiple factors to consider and staff are not the decision-makers. It can be distressful to them if they are handling complaints that they cannot do anything about. This is why I ask you to address all concerns with me so I understand your position and can take it into consideration. As you can imagine I don’t do anything lightly. When you have spent more than 40 years, as I have, on creating a place of refuge for people who really need specialised help, the last thing you want to be doing is making decisions about keeping people out of Green Apple! 

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