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The Weekly Bite – Monday November 23, 2020—Issue 2391

Hi All

I know many of you will be concerned about the outbreak of the South Australian COVID cluster. I just think it is so sad for that State because it is so close to Christmas and something like this throws so many plans into disarray.

We all know that this outbreak can happen as States open their borders and people start relaxing their physical distancing and their hand hygiene. I am sure you have noticed that this has been happening in shopping centres and other venues.

Be assured that we want you to be secure in our environment and I really want everyone’s help with this. If you notice one of the hand sanitiser bottles is getting low, or the paper towels are going down fast in any area, do feel you can approach Reception and let us know. We are going through our hygiene products so fast (which indicates a very high compliance in your adherence to our Stage 3 COVID regulations) and sometimes we can struggle with replenishing all the different hygiene stations. .

All these rules and regulations will stay in place currently and that will include limiting our classes to the number of people deemed safe in a Centre of our size. I might say that this requires a lot of work behind the scenes that we don’t usually have to do so we look forward to the time we can stop taking your temperature and religiously recording attendance (names, time arriving and departing). We know that there are many, many businesses of all types not doing this but we want to protect our particular membership base.

Loretta will be back from holidays next week. I know she is keen to build up her BodySculpt class on Thursday at 9.30am so consider it as an option. Bodysculpt provides an excellent controlled strength class that enables you to do your weights in a fun class, to music and working towards good muscle tone.

Our new Green Apple towels should arrive any time now. Check out the Christmas Gift Package that accompanies the towel. Nessa does a great job of presenting it and it is an ideal starting point for friends and family interested in improving their health.

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