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The Weekly Bite – Monday November 29, 2021 —Issue 2441

Hi All

This year we will have our Christmas Bonus Card available to use between December 14 and Australia Day in January 2022. If you are new this year and haven’t been at Green Apple over the Christmas period, this will be your first chance to win a bonus of $30 to spend on Green Apple services.

We encourage you to keep exercising over Christmas and New Year because it is a real danger time in relation to putting on excess weight and also a time of emotional challenge for some people. If you find Christmas a time of stress and find it difficult to cope, keep your exercise going diligently because it will help significantly. So if you attend 20 times from December 14 to January 26 you will earn your $30 and at the same time gain great health benefits.

Your Christmas letter will include your Bonus Card and if you haven’t received this by December 12 let us know.

I would like to thank the couple of members whom have approached me about “what will happen if I am not vaccinated and don’t qualify for a medical exemption”. Since I am constantly thinking about these matters, going round and round in circles because I want the best for ALL Green Apple clients, I was able to share some of my thoughts. I thought it might be a good idea to share parts of my email in the newsletter.

Hello  (name withheld)

I am very sad to hear about this decision also. 

 I have just been on the phone for half an hour to discuss this vaccination matter with another member in a similar position to you and she will continue for another month until the deadline comes around. I have explained to her that I am still working around all the issues that will arise mid December and the full policy of what we need to introduce will not be decided for another couple of weeks. 

 In the newsletter coming out on Monday I will share more about the whole situation. I want to be able to explain to everyone that the set up in Green Apple is the safest exercise place they can possibly go to because of the open air (clean air) setting and the total lack of air conditioning in the exercise areas.   When we had our air tested throughout the Centre by the University, evidence of any type of virus, bacteria and other toxic substances were so nominal that they were considered negligible.   So, this lack of “dirty air”, especially in our outside gym areas is truly wonderful.

I have many vaccinated people who definitely want to have only vaccinated people around them (for extended times when they are in the Centre) once Qld opens up mid December and I do understand their concern because they are in the age bracket (over 70) and health bracket (have chronic conditions) that is the most vulnerable. Since we have significantly more vaccinated people than non-vaccinated clients, they are the biggest voice and I am listening to them as well as anyone unvaccinated who contacts me. 

I think there is a lot of fear involved here and since we are going to see COVID cases in Qld and we are going to have deaths, I can understand that fear as well.  My sister in Munich tells me that they have had over 50,000 cases of COVID in Germany in the past 24 hours and that so many of them are unvaccinated. Germany has only 67% of eligible people fully vaccinated and that has been deemed the key factor for this fourth wave. 

Once I describe the lack of “dirty air” in Green Apple in the newsletter, I hope that some of our non-vaccinated members might be encouraged to have their vaccination so we can continue to keep them with us at Green Apple.

The group from Green Apple who came along to Aspley Hornets for an informal Green Apple Christmas Party all had a great time.  The band Lime Street with member Jim Mathers playing along and stirring us all up onto the dance floor.  Well, not all but many of us, the ‘girls’ were up a shimming around.  Thank you for those of you who came along—especially Yoga guru Lezley and Nat who really livened up their tables!

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