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The Weekly Bite – Monday November 30, 2020—Issue 2392

Hi All

Well, we have just sold our first Green Apple gift pack, the first of 50 we hope to sell this Christmas. The reason we have such high hopes this year is that a much larger segment of the community is so much more aware of risks to their health. And the offshoot of this is that many people will shift from being “pre-contemplative” to “contemplative” in relation to exercise and dietary changes.

Some people will make exercise choices that will stir up all the areas of the body that have underlying problems just waiting to manifest. The older we get the greater the chances of shoulder dysfunction and back, hip and knee pain rearing their ugly heads in response to any load you place on them.

This topic “what is the best way to exercise appropriately and safely”, featured strongly in the talk I gave at Alondra Residences Thursday November 26. Despite a reduced number of attendees (they expected 30 people) the meeting was interesting because the topic came round to targeted tailored programming constantly. Even the 3 young staff members at Alondra who came in to listen asked the most questions about exercising for best outcomes. One of them, Rachel, said to me after the talk that she realises there is a big difference in how she and her fellow gym goers see their exercise compared to what we older ones were talking about. Rachel said that doing weights regularly was part of their life and they understood why it played a significant part in staying in good condition.

We older ones were talking about our ability to do certain things in life, like squatting down and getting up again easily, or not at all easily if our thighs had weakened. Whereas the younger ones knew that progressive resistance training fixed weak muscles, the older group didn’t always connect the relationship between their age related muscle loss and the things they now found challenging to do, or had any conception of the role of progressive resistance.

So this is why I want to see as many of our Christmas packs sold as possible to family and friends who are ready to take the plunge and whom want to trial it for one month. Unless we try things we will never know “is this for me, or isn’t it”.

If you do purchase this gift for someone and they don’t want the exercise trial, they can always have a lovely massage with Toni, or you can use it to have a lovely massage with Toni!

Have you noticed that even the media has ramped up their coverage of health and well-being.  And the government is extending some funding for people enrolled in our programs, like My Health for Life, The Joint Movement (Arthritis), BEAT IT (Diabetes), Exercise Right for Active Ageing (the renamed ESSA 65plus). These were programs provided with government support in 2020 and this has been extended into 2021.

So help spread the word about Green Apple anywhere you feel it will fall on fertile ground. You are our “evidence” of what can be achieved and we are very proud of all of you who just keep on making an effort.


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