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The Weekly Bite – Monday October 12, 2020—Issue 2385

Hi All

Aqua starts today and the water feels much warmer than a couple of weeks ago. Don’t forget to have a quick shower before hopping in the pool. It is more a sluice off than a shower and we ask you all to abide by this necessary request. Since Brian connected the hot water to the outdoor area it should be a far nicer experience!

The Green Apple promotion of the My Health for Life (MH4L) program went so well. This free course that we deliver in-house for the government is aimed at helping you pull all your wellness information together and then apply it. I have been told that many of you have enrolled and I am really happy to hear this because anything that can keep us on track and prevent us from developing a chronic condition is worth doing.  If you didn’t get the chance to find out about MH4L last week, enquire at Reception. Even if you can’t do the course this year you might be interested next year when we deliver it.

I am seeing so many members at present whom really need help with soft tissue dysfunction. Whether it is a knee problem, shoulder range-of-movement problem or neck/back pain, if it is being caused by the muscles, fascia or connective tissue, then massage will often make a huge difference in resolving it. If you think this might help, book in with Petrina or with me.

If you want to keep your muscles and fascia in good condition before you have problems, book in with Toni. I spend 2 hours weekly with Toni sharing my knowledge of specific methods and how to “hunt” for tissue that is dysfunctional. Toni is very, very keen and this is wonderful for both you as potential clients, and for me. I don’t have enough hours in the week to do the amount of treatment work that is really needed in the Green Apple so it is great to have an experienced person like Petrina, and a clinical massage cadet like Toni, with me.

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