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The Weekly Bite – Monday October 19, 2020—Issue 2386

Hi All

The pool water is a lovely temperature for Aqua at present despite a little bit of rain overnight on Sunday.  Check out the new Group Class schedule to make sure you know what is on currently. Some of the classes may be more popular than others so it might be a good idea to look at the notice board in Reception to see if there is a sign up about the class you want to participate in. Since we still have Stage 3 restrictions in place, numbers have to be capped. Most classes can have 11 participants, Yoga 12 and Aqua 14 (since it is delivered outside and not in an enclosed area).

Thank you all for continuing to observe the COVID-safe regulations for wiping down equipment. We are going through masses of paper towels and that tells me how diligent you are being. The wet wipes may have run out at some stations but we expect another delivery of them on Monday October 19 and we will install these in the heavier traffic areas. I think the wet wipes are good for knobs and little areas but the paper towels and spray bottles are much more efficient on other surfaces.

Did you know that you have access to a two week Guest Pass? The reason we have this service available is that I believe many people want to do some exercise to help manage their health and to build their auto-immunity but they just don’t know where to start, where to go and what would be the best activity to do. Since I have never been keen on providing free trial access to people who want to “try before they buy”, I decided the best way to do this special introduction opportunity was to ask members if they would like to bring any family member or friend in as their guest, to do what they could of their set program. The member is the host or hostess. The only thing the member can expose their guest to is the gym work or class that they do themselves. At no time does the guest go off alone to use other equipment because it just is not appropriate and could be harmful.

So if you have someone you would like to bring along, ask at Reception and get this organised. That’s all it takes sometimes. Just help to get started.

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