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The Weekly Bite – Monday October 26, 2020—Issue 2387

Hi All,

Brian and I hope you had a good weekend and survived any storms. I know that we had power outages at Lamb Island but hopefully Northside suffered less storm damage.

You may notice that Brian has a big bandage on his left hand! This is the result of a tussle with an out of control hand-held electric grinder that ripped off a strip of metal from a colourbond roof which flailed around making a mincemeat mess of the back of his hand. He has never experienced anything like it and has learnt from the incident, swearing to use his battery grinder next time, and to wear super strong gloves and even better eye protection……all just in case!!

This all happened at Lamb and so the saga continues. I stopped the bleeding (just as well we do Resus every year and First Aid every three years!) and we caught a ferry back to the mainland to have it properly looked at. A very nice couple who we met at the terminal gave us a lift to the Redlands Hospital. We went to the hospital because I knew they would do a thorough check and clean out of the cut.

Because it was deep and they were worried that the tendon to his middle finger had been sliced and they didn’t know if there were any more metal shavings in the wound, Brian was given a referral to QE2 hospital.

So we left Redlands hospital to catch the ferry back to Lamb at 10.10pm and had food, showered Brian (still in filthy work gear) a bit of sleep and then he was off on the passenger ferry and taxi to get to QE2 by 8am on Saturday. Brian’s hand was checked out in theatre Saturday afternoon under general anaesthetic and they kept him in overnight, back home Sunday afternoon.  It is Brian’s left hand so he can still do most things, just has to be careful while it all heals and until the stitches are removed.

Meanwhile I had my own saga when closing up the Lamb house and riding my bicycle back to Bald Hills. Longest trip ever because of all the things that went wrong.

So I know that this week will be better, and a great one for all of us!


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