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The Weekly Bite – Monday October 4, 2021—Issue 2433

Hi All

Every week when I write the newsletter editorial I wonder how out of date it will be in relation to any COVID news and any updated directives and regulations so I can only go by the situation at hand at the time.

As you know masks are obligatory again right now. If you are working out in the outside areas and there is no-one around you (which can happen at certain times in the day) you can pull your mask down. We just need to be aware of WHY we need to wear a mask and then stick to the rules wherever and whenever it is appropriate.

Couple of housekeeping matters:

  1. John, the Hairdresser over the road, tells me that Green Apple patrons are parking in his private carpark over the road and also using his space outside his shop. I understand his concern. He has a lot of elderly clients and they need their car parking spaces.
    We have our own carpark and I know it can fill up, so to help with closer parking for all of you, I have the business rule for all our staff (and contractors where possible) NOT to park in Bald Hills Rd, but instead to find the closest park they can get in side streets.
  2. Leaving your equipment in a condition ready to use by the next user.
    This applies to balls, weights, rollers i.e. anything that you have had to carry away from where it is usually stored.
    It also applies to the pins on equipment like FOREVER ACTIVE and STRONGER FOR LONGER. Please put them back to the lightest weights so people don’t hurt themselves when they don’t realise it is on a heavier weight than they can handle.
    And Therabands, if they need to have powder on them to stop the thin rubber sticking together, take them to Reception and let staff know. I found one Theraband on a table in the courtyard very early Wednesday morning (from Tuesday afternoon/evening?) that was left lying all stuck together. I got out my talc powder and prised it all apart.
    These are the little things that have to be attended to constantly so it probably looks from the outside to everyone that it is a simple task keeping everything shipshape and pristine. We appreciate every little thing you can do to help us keep our Centre this way too.

The all-day photoshoot on Tuesday last week went very well. A huge thank you to Nessa who designed the day Run Sheet (long hours of planning and organising) and to every one of you who participated so generously.

We are proud of our Centre and we want to be able to showcase what you are all achieving here! It really is something we should all be proud of. I don’t know of anywhere that has such wonderful camaraderie, clientele generosity of spirit, Team commitment to caring for clients and achieving such incredible health outcomes, meaning all types of health: physically, mentally and emotionally, which are all equally important!

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