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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 13, 2021—Issue 2430

Hi All

Did you know that the three highest priorities in managing COVID as we go forward are, vaccination (with a booster when necessary), address “dirty air”, and wear a mask.

It is the “addressing dirty air” that I find really interesting. In the early stages of COVID we were told that COVID could only affect us from droplets that fell from our mouths and noses, hence we were required to wipe everything we touched to the maximum to avoid infection, and to wash our hands constantly or use hand sanitizer. Even mask wearing was vastly ignored for months and months by many countries around the world and has only become mandatory well into the pandemic.

Now, this “dirty air” factor has finally been introduced as something that must also be addressed because finally the experts have recognised that not only is COVID spread by droplets, but it is now classified as an airborne risk, an aerosol spread condition.  Why anyone, especially the experts, would not realise this right from the start amazes me. I have always believed that COVID could be spread as airborne microorganisms and this is why I was so happy to know that the Green Apple is a place of wide open spaces and fully ventilated and that we are not reliant on air conditioning to keep our air recycled. In fact, the set up within the Green Apple is exactly the model they are now looking at to create “clean air” facilities, especially in schools and other places where large numbers congregate.

Forty years ago I decided the I wanted a “Green “ environment with fresh air, no loud rackety music, no banks of televisions, plants where possible etc. This was achieved over many years and Brian has played a huge  part in creating the actual end result. I knew what I wanted in the way of covered verandah spaces rather than closed in walls and Brian was able to design what I wanted and then work with a structural engineer to make it happen. A lot of heavy work, sweat and angst, has resulted in the environment we now enjoy.

So, enjoy your exercise knowing that you are breathing in clean fresh air every moment you are here.

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