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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 14, 2020—Issue 2381

Hi All

Over the weekend I was thinking about our Group Class schedule and it suddenly hit me, it is half way through September!! AND that our Summer schedule, adding Aquarobics to the offerings, is not only pending but imminent!

One of the big issues raised since our COVID closure, and re-opening under Stage 3 restrictions, has been how can we manage our distancing regulations in all parts of the Centre. These distancing rules have had to be applied to our gym areas as well as our Group Class room.

Many members have struggled with certain aspects of our current restrictions, both in class type as well as the number of people allowed into the room to do classes. Since we can only allow eleven people into the class (except for Yoga and Pilates which can cater for 12 since much of the time is spent in one place on an individual mat) plus the Class Leader it could be a significant issue. On the whole what we have in place in relation to managing the class number issue is working.

The other issue in relation to classes is “what exactly needs to be offered” and I know Aqua is a class that members look forward to when the weather warms up.

So plenty to think about and to plan for best outcomes for the majority of our member base. At present the emphasis is providing enough support on the gym floor and also for our supervised Wellness groups whom are working on improving the muscle mass and strength that they lost during our closure.

I am up for all suggestions and will ask Sonya to put up a sign on the Reception notice board where you can write your “Wishlist” and days/times you would like it. I promise to take everything you suggest seriously however I will also need to continue to provide sufficient staffing for all our programs currently caring for, and looking after, hundreds of members every day.

Darrol returns next Monday September 21 after a five-week trip. He sounds as if he is having a wonderful time.
Meanwhile Charlie is programming for Darrol’s Buddies and doing an excellent job. Thank you, member Mary Hudson, for the glowing report you provided me after Charlie set up your latest program. Yes, he listens well and works to provide you with what will suit you and your situation.

Keep up the good distancing, hand sanitiser use and the wiping down of equipment. Mighty job!!!

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