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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 21, 2020—Issue 2382

Hi All

Many of you will have been waiting to see what will be happening in relation to Aqua this season. Like all our classes there will be “physical distancing” restrictions and this will place a significant onus on the Aqua Leader to use the water as best as possible to give you a good workout and also comply with the COVID rules. We are bound by what we can and can’t do so the more you can help us with this the less stressful it will be for the instructor.

I have set up a proposed schedule of Group classes for Summer and these will be gazetted on the Reception noticeboard from Monday September 21. All comments, suggestions and complaints must come to me by Sunday September 27 so I can finalise everything by the next newsletter.  The plan is to roll the Summer Schedule out by Monday October 5 (or October 12 at the latest).

Member Jennifer Skidmore has been attending the Learn to Step class with Loretta on Thursday mornings at 9am. She writes, “After being away from the gym due to COVID19, I have just started back in the last month.  I have started the 9am classes Monday to Friday and I have enjoyed them all very much.  Anyone who would like to try a class I would suggest the Learn to Step held on Thursday at 9am.  It has been most enjoyable, and we can all get fit together.  Thanks Loretta, for making it a most enjoyable class.”  This week I will be delivering the Learn to Step and I would like to invite any member who has never tried to do Step, or perhaps never tried any group class upstairs, because of the fear it will be too hard or that you won’t be able to keep up, to come along. Many, many years ago I started Learn to Step or Basic Step and it was such a good workout for people who just want a very basic class to music. The class was at 8pm on Monday nights and the class was packed!

When I take this class on Thursday, I will be using slow music and you will be learning the moves mindfully, without stress. It will be a coaching class and I hope you will find it fun to do. I will enjoy doing it with you with my two replacement knees!!

You will see a promotion on this page of the My Health for Life Course. Green Apple members whom have been eligible to do the course and participated in previous courses have really benefitted from it. The fact that we deliver it onsite and that it is something the government fully funds for you is a real gift. If you want to know if you or any of your family is eligible to do this course with Charlotte, starting on October, ask at Reception and we will help you fill out the online questionnaire.  Alternatively visit or phone 13 74 75.  Let them know you want to attend the program at the Green Apple.

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