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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 27, 2021—Issue 2432

Hi All

I am sure you all know that we have a Public Holiday on Monday October 4. Brian and I will be here to open up 6am till 10am so I hope you will come, do your exercise early and then go off and make the most of your day.

The weather hasn’t been kind to the pool heating but we are on track to start Aquarobics on Monday October 11. Check out the new Summer Group Class schedule.

Mask wearing may appear to be a gray area at present. If you are outside and sitting on any equipment to exercise you can pull your mask down ‘while you a sitting down’. If you are sitting on equipment inside the building this applies to you also. If you are moving from place to place, wearing your mask is still a COVID requirement however if you are outside in fresh air and there is no-one around you (during quiet times in the Centre) please use your discretion in relation to mask wearing.  If you are standing around talking to others, masks are required.
I know this is so hard for some of you but please help us. Some of our members are very sensitive to this issue and they want to keep attending AND to feel safe.

We are having a huge all day photoshoot at a Green Apple this Tuesday September 28. If you are asked to participate I hope you will join in with the fun. If you prefer not to we will work around you so let us know when you are approached.

And a big thank you to member Esther who alerted me to a program that was on ABC last Tuesday night at 9.35pm. I will write more about this in next week’s newsletter because I think it is essential viewing. I watched it over the weekend via the iView app. Check out “How To live Younger”, “Episode 1 FIT”. Scientists reveal how exercise can rewind the clock on cognitive decline, fight cancer, prevent disease, beat depression and even enhance our lives by making us smarter, more creative human beings. WOW! More potent than any pill we can pop!

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