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The Weekly Bite – November 15, 2019—Issue 2353

Hi All

What a great turnout to Darrol’s two Maltron body composition testing sessions in the past week. And well done to all of you whose results indicated loss of body fat and improved muscle mass. This is exactly what you need to see because as we age there is one constant you can be sure of and that is, without intervention, we will lose both muscle and bone mass.

The trick is to hang onto every bit of muscle we can to create a positive drag on our skeletal structure prompting it to stay more dense and functional. Better muscle mass means a higher metabolism on a daily basis and even when we sleep which enables us to burn more calories and stay slimmer. More muscle in our body also helps with effective blood glucose metabolism and anyone with type 2 diabetes definitely benefits from this too.

Darrol has added another Maltron session for those of you who wanted the testing last week but it was booked out. On Thursday November 21 from 8am till 12noon, you will be able to have this assessment for the reduced fee of $15. Check the noticeboard for available places.

If you haven’t paid for your Christmas party yet, please, please address this. The Social Committee really needed all the money in by Monday November 11. 

Excellent attendance to our Wednesday night classes, Circuit, supervised FOREVER ACTIVE and Yogalates last week. Well done Cherie for catering so well for member’s interest and needs. The Circuit Class now has some dancing, which is fantastic exercise as well as being fun and creating a laugh or two. Last class they did Nutbush City Limits and member Verna Palm tells me she actually learnt how to do it and that Cherie said they all had to keep going until Verna had grasped it. Gave them all a target!

The night Aqua Class has been a slow-starter this year. I have been asked to add more pool classes for working people however we need to see definite need before considering this.

If you are attending Aqua classes, can I ask if you are one of our “serial-talkers-during-Aqua-sessions”? If you think you might have a tendency towards chatting to other Aqua participants throughout the class rather than focussing on what the instructor is showing and telling you, please consider how it may be affecting your fellow exercisers. I have had several complaints about this and it is making people miserable because they feel they can’t relax and enjoy the experience fully and they can’t always comprehend what the instructor is asking them to do because their attention is divided etc.  I want all of you to have fun however I ask you to save the chit-chat about unrelated matters to before or after the class. This chatting-distraction applies to all Group Classes. Not only does it make delivering a Class much more difficult for the instructor but it is very annoying to some participants. I don’t think I can ever remember having this trouble when I delivered classes, either upstairs or in the pool. Everyone needed to be mindful and concentrate in my classes, and it was my expectation that we were all working together for a purpose.  It is probably hard for “new” instructors to enforce these behaviours in their class because they don’t want to upset you. So I ask you to observe these non-chatting standards, particularly in the water, to show respect for your class leaders and to help all participants cope with and enjoy their exercise session.

Having made a point of the above, I might say that social interaction is a hugely important part of the Green Apple. It is what helps make exercise palpable and provides extra colour in our day. Like everything in life, it is knowing when certain behaviours are appropriate. So don’t think I want to curb chit chatting generally. We all need to do this as part of the whole Green Apple experience.

Parking at Green Apple can be challenging because so many train travellers park in the streets around the station. We do have a car park and there is some hour street parking directly outside the Green Apple. The Bonny View Hotel has been very good about us parking in their car park also so this is an option. John from the hairdressing business across the road however desperately needs to keep their car park freed up for their patrons so please observe the sign that says “No parking for gym patrons”


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