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The Weekly Bite – November 2 2018 – Issue 2301

Hi All

Doesn’t Bridie look absolutely stunning in her beautiful wedding dress. I think the photo we have on the front page enables us to share her special day.  

Are you coming to the Green Apple Christmas party? Don’t worry if you are coming alone, or feel that you might not know anyone. Once there, you will be at a table with Green Apple friends and, I promise, you will be able to relax and enjoy the company, the food and the entertainment planned. Money for the Christmas party needs to be in   by November 7. Please place it in a clearly marked envelope with your name and any other information that you think the committee will need, and post it into the Social Committee letterbox. $50 per person will cover everything. 

By the time you read this I should have had the surgery on my shoulder and will be spending a week or so with Brian on Lamb Island. Thank you for all your thoughts of support. I really          appreciate your well wishes and since I plan to keep the Team up to date with what is going on  I will ask them to share so check the noticeboard if you have any interest in the shoulder saga. At the rate I am going with this body of mine I’ll qualify for the “woman of steel” award and will set off every security scanning machine wherever I go.

The Rumba class is on Sunday November 11 (not 10th as I put in error in last week’s newsletter).  If you are attending this class you will need shoes that slide, not your joggers and, ladies, if you have a dress or skirt you can wear that you can swish around please do. Susan says it is much more fun if you really throw yourself into a gypsy Rumba mindset. Class time: 4pm. 
This class is a trial to see whether you want a  fun activity on a Sunday afternoon and if we are going to keep it going there will be a fee to attend (and we would need a minimum of 10 regulars). So see how you like it and please let  us know if you will support the cost of this specialty class. 


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