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The Weekly Bite – November 23 2018 – Issue 2304

Hi All

Did you see the article about the Green Apple written by journalist Tamille Head for Body and Soul in the Sunday paper November 18? Tamille contacted me to ask what makes older people want to exercise, is it ever too late to start exercising and what should we expect if we do exercise when we are older?   It was an interesting conversation because the perception of many people is that we don’t need to be strong and fit because we are not likely to do things in life that will extend us in the way younger people might. You will all know that we need to exercise even more as we age because our goals to live independently and to travel, interact with grandchildren and do what we want with our bodies relies on us having stamina and vitality. 

I will always remember a doctor saying to me when I was in my forties, “don’t you think it’s time to slow down?”  I might say I looked at him in amazement. There he was, a very similar age to me, sitting in his chair as if he would need a crane to lift him out and he couldn’t see the tangible differences in our health and wellness. That was 30 years ago and I am happy to say that the world has changed and many, many doctors now encourage you to come to the Green Apple, regardless of your age. 

By the time you read the newsletter, the Green Apple Christmas party may well be history. We are looking forward to it still at this stage and we will put a couple of photos and a bit of a story in next week’s newsletter. 

If you are an Aqua participant please remember the hygiene rules that keep our pool in pristine condition. Unless you have had a recent shower, please use the external shower at the pool before getting into the pool. If you have exercised prior to going to Aqua, you MUST have a sluice off in the external shower.   We have also been told by our pool expert that we need “to ask patrons to be frugal with sunscreen to avoid clogging up the filter system”.

Keep hydrated. When you are exercising, the rule is to drink before you feel thirsty. 


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