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The Weekly Bite – October 12 2018 – Issue 2298

Hi All

I have had such a response to the E-Newsletter that came out to you by email at the beginning of October that it has made me realise just how many people have levels of pain that manifest mainly at night. Research tells us that disturbed sleep is a major problem because of the health ramifications, both physical and mental. 

Since then, many of you have shared with me how much your exercise has helped you cope with what you are going through. The message I get constantly is that it is very hard to commit to the exercise, especially in the early stages because of the constant feeling of being run down, but that it was this commitment to actually doing something that pulled you through. So often when we have pain we are being “treated” by someone and a lot of what is happening to us is out of our control. However, when we manage our food intake and we make ourselves do our exercise WE are taking control, and that makes all the difference. 

Sunny will be delivering a workshop on “Managing Pain” in 2 sessions, November 3 and 10, for the nominal total fee of $33. I hope as many of you as possible will attend. You never know when you will need this knowledge. See the Reception noticeboard to book in. 

Congratulations to Steve Oliver for his successful job application with Home Assist. As you will read in the letter from member (and Green Apple volunteer), Cheryl Ivory, Steve may well be the person who comes to your house to do something for you sometime. Home Assist provides various services across a wide range of people. Steve is not only my son-in-law but also Brian’s nephew. Steve worked at Green Apple for many years, and also just recently helping with our building projects, and because I know many of you have a relationship with Steve, I share this happy news. 

Keep checking the Reception and the Courtyard noticeboards. The Team has so many things planned for your education and/or entertainment that it would be a pity to miss out because you didn’t know about it. 

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