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The Weekly Bite – October 18, 2019—Issue 2349

Hi All

During the next two weeks you will have the opportunity to attend the new Clinical Pilates class on Thursday at 9am, even if you have no experience, without having to have a half hour Personal Training session on Pilates Basics. We will offer this for two weeks (Thursdays October 24 and 31).

From November anyone new to the Thursday Pilates will have to have coaching in Pilates Basics prior to attending the class. This applies to both the Thursday and Saturday Pilates and requires a 30-minute Personal Training session with Charlotte, Bridie or Wanda.

Happy news for the members whom have really missed out on their weekly Stretch session. The class returns on Mondays at 10am from October 21. Katrina will take Stretch that week and Loretta will take the Aqua Class at 10am. You may have different class leaders for Stretch from time to time, depending on whom is on holiday and who is tied up with courses. This will give you variety and expose you to different bodily responses.

There are masses of stretches ranging from roller work to PNF stretching and to basic “holding” stretches. They are all very effective. If you have never been to a Stretch class, I would strongly recommend trialling the class. You may do stretches at the end of your program but the benefit you gain from this can be multiplied many times if you do a longer session, as you will experience in a Stretch class.

The Kaibo Class is meant to cease on Thursday October 24 when Pilates commences however Loretta will be discussing an alternative arrangement for this activity with her existing participants. If we can keep this class going, we will but it will be under the condition that it will only be on if Loretta is able to take it. In other words, it will be an “unofficial” class rather than part of the Group Class schedule. More news soon.

I will be taking a talk on Sunday October 27, 4pm on bone density and muscle loss. It is a topic close to my heart and critical to us all. Come and join me.


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