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The Weekly Bite -October 19 2018 – Issue 2299

Hi All

The opportunities to gain really useful information within the Green Apple at present are significant. Whether you want to find out if you qualify for the free government My Health for Life program in 2019 (delivered in-house by Bridie and Tiffany), or discover more about what is funded by the government for people over 65 years, you only need to ask us (see the letter from Prescare below and check out the informational presentation date and time). 

In addition to government funded services we have several workshops being delivered in November. Don’t miss out. Check the noticeboards. 

The Green Apple Social Committee Christmas party details are up on the Reception board also. Since it is a daytime event at the Pine Rivers Bowls Club (where member Grant Braithwaite is Head Chef) it will suit so many more of you. It is a fantastic venue and the meal is always excellent. 

Just a reminder to everyone to replace weights, rollers, dumbbells and any other equipment after using it please. When I do my workout in the morning I have noticed a few things lying around and the FOREVER ACTIVE pins are not always reset to the lowest weight. I know any of us can be a bit forgetful occasionally but it really does help if we all make the effort to keep the place shipshape. 

Did you know that cold water burns more calories. Be brave. Commit to an Aqua class and work hard to get warm. You will feel revitalised and tighten up your body. Working out in cool water can really help with draining fluid out of your legs. I know it helped me amazingly after my bilateral knee replacements. 


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