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The Weekly Bite – October 26 2018 – Issue 2300

Hi All

We have had a definite Expression of Interest in the Rumba exercise class (see the noticeboard for more details) so I hope all of you whom have put your name on the list in Reception will be able to come to our trial class on Sunday November 10, at 4pm. The teacher, Susan Minshull, is a delightful person and I am sure we will really enjoy what she provides for us.
Did you read last week’s newsletter?  About the PresCare presentation? I have had a few members asking what it is all about and I can only say that you will find out more about what the government is providing as we age. I know most of us think we are still young (I do and that is why I end up throwing myself off boulders up in the Kimberleys!) but I guess we have to face the inevitable and navigating some of the government systems is all part of it.

We will have PresCare at Green Apple on Wednesday October 31 at 10am and it is open to both members and anyone in the Community who might be interested.
Another Presentation to be held at Green Apple is one being provided by DVA. The DVA StressLess talk is open to any member, not just DVA clients, because it can be relevant to us all.  The talk will be held on Wednesday November 14 at 9am. Check the noticeboard before the event because we may be having a cuppa too.

Ladies! Have you ever wondered why we start putting on weight around our tummy and trunk as we age? There is a physiological reason for this and it can start happening any time from our 40’s onwards. When we are young our fatty deposit areas are on our body for a purpose, to help nourish two bodies if/when we have a baby. Consequently, we have fat on our bottoms, tops of legs and sometimes arms, boobs, in a fashion seldom seen on men. This starts to change as we head towards menopause. We don’t actually lose the fatty deposits that have accumulated “as a woman” but we now start putting on weight in a new area, the BELLY! The male fat-distribution pattern takes over. So how do we manage this? Extra sit ups? Site-specific exercises. I am afraid not. The solution is to challenge the body all over in a way it isn’t used to. You can have your program set up with some appropriate “interval” exercise, and you can make yourself do it during a Group Class. How? By interspersing your steady state aerobic work with some short stints of very hard effort. If you ever watch me work out you will see me doing this. I do interval training on the Exercycle with some steady work and then short distances of high intensity and, when doing stair walk work, I will do single step climbs followed by going up 2 steps at a time. I am able to elevate my heart rate safely and effectively in a way that doesn’t happen when I go out for good strong walk (unless I include some intermittent fast hill work as my high intensity interval training).
If you are in a Group Class you can get this effect by interspersing your steady state work with 30 second intervals of bigger movements, higher knee lifts and arm movements and bigger more exaggerated steps. Create energy. An instructor like Loretta will be the first person to encourage you to do this in their class. It will feel a little odd at first but the results you will get long term will be worth it. Just try it. 


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PS: Well done Member Sharon Butterfield. Sharon came to Green Apple many years ago with significant breathing challenges and now does world treks—read her latest adventure in this newsletter.

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