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The Weekly Bite – October 4, 2019—Issue 2347

Hi All

Well done Stuey, Kim and Cathy for holding their own Stretch class last Tuesday. Such initiative!

Good on you Pam Bird, Sue Rollbusch, Julie Dorman-Ogden, Jayne Ogden and Terri Rayner for venturing into the first Aqua class of the Summer Season! I believe you will have a couple more with you next week who were not there for that class because they thought it might be a little cold. The water is lovely actually at present.

I have had some response to the changes in the Summer Group Class schedule which has alerted me to the fact that some people feel strongly about the changes. I really appreciate the members whom have sent courteous requests for consideration. The  Monday 10am Stretch class used to have a real reason for being because there were regularly more than 10 attending at any time. Over the last year this has dwindled and it has been put on the endangered list. Since I really believe in the elements we deliver in these classes, I was pretty sad to see this happening.

The Stretch Class is entirely appropriate for anyone whom can lower themselves down to the floor and then get up again at the end of class. We really need this lengthy stretching because our body slowly becomes more and more inflexible over time and changes from Gladwrap (as a baby our fascia slides around easily) to more like canvas (or like wearing a one-piece boiler suit).

I have put an Expression of Interest notice on the Reception board to say if we can get a list of at least 12 people who say they will attend the Monday Stretch Class at 10am consistently, I will definitely look at including it in the Summer schedule. Simply put, if the need is being driven by members and there is enough interest to warrant it, I will be listening.


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